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River Rock Academy

Tracey Austin came to River Rock Academy to be present and play tennis with the students.  It was a memorable day for all of them.




We are a group of concerned citizens and tennis players located in the southern York and Adams County area. During the warm months, we have loads of activities for tennis players of all ages and abilities. We’d love to get to know you and play with you, so please join one or more of our groups. These will be detailed in our spring schedule which will soon be out for 2016, so please check back to see what’s new.


Right now, we’re undertaking the major refurbishment and eventual expansion of the four courts behind Emory H. Markle Intermediate School. These will eventually be enclosed, meeting our goal of providing year-round tennis in this area. Local tennis players know how vital this is with the loss of several courts at Heritage Hills (formerly HardKohr), and the tendency of Wisehaven’s tennis courts to be used for activities other than tennis. Help us and become involved! If you’re interested, we’d love to have your help and support. Please contact




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